Selenium Full Stack Automation Developer Program

Selenium Certification Training Course is curated by Industry Experts and it expansively covers Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Selenium IDE, handling IFrames, Alerts and Modal Dialog box. With this Automation testing course you will learn to use Selenium supported plugins such as TestNG Framework, Robot Class, Cucumber, and Gherkin to control your automation environment. Get hands-on experience on widely used automation frameworks such as Data-Driven Framework, Keyword-Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Framework. Throughout this online Instructor-led Selenium Certification Training, you will be working on real-life industry use cases.


Upcoming Orientation of Automation Testing Program








Date: 15/April/2021

Time: 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm

About Program

Our most successful Java Full Stack Automation Developer / SDET program is a 4 month (full time) program that focuses on developing IT professionals from the ground up that, by the end of the program, are JAVA certification-ready and become some of the sharpest Test Automation Engineers in the market today.

Features Of This Program

Onsite/Remote program

We are providing in-campus and online classes to make it easier for Students.

Interview Preperations

After Techinal knowledge Special interview preperation sessions will be held to prepare for the job.



Each class will be followed by a quiz to assess   your learning.

Marketing Assistance

we will market our students after compeleting the course.

lifetime access

You will get lifetime access to LMS where presentations, quizzes, installation guide & class recordings are available.

Internship Program

We do arrange intership oppertunity for our students to get confident knowledge as a Tester.



Salary Packages as SDET

80,000 – 150,000 USD

Who Can Attend This Course ?


 who do not have prior IT background and wish to jump on an exciting new career in IT.

Manual Tester

Who are currently working as manual testers and looking to move on to Automation Testing for career growth and advancement.

Automation Tester

Who currently have entry level experience with automation testing and wish to become expert and grow in their roles as Sr. Automation Engineer or Test Lead.

No IT Background Required

Course Content
Module 1 – Basic Computer & Manual Testing
  1. Introduction about basic components of computer
  2. Introduction to different operating systems
  3. Introduction to MS Outlook
  4. What is software testing?
  5. What is Slc?
  6. Methodologies of Slc
  7. What is requirement document?
  8. What is design document?
  9. What is test plan & how to prepare it?
  10. How to write test cases?
  11. What is RTM?
  12. How to report bugs
  13. Different types of testing
  14. What is priority and severity?
  15. Environment exists in a company
Module 2 - Java
  1. What is Java?
  2. Introduction to Java Infrastructure
  3. Different data types in Java
  4. Conditional statements in Java
  5. Loops
  6. Arrays
  7. What is Object Oriented Programming?
  8. Encapsulation
  9. Inheritance
  10. Polymorphism
  11. Abstract Classes
  12. Interfaces
  13. Introduction to collection frameworks
Module 3 - Selenium
  1. What is Selenium?
  2. What is web driver?
  3. How to setup selenium environment?
  4. How to perform following actions in Selenium on web based application
  5. Open specific site in the browser
  6. How to refresh the browser?
  7. How to navigate backward & forward?
  8. How to maximize the browser?
  9. How to get window handle?
  10. What is select class?
  11. How to select dropdown?
  12. Different locators available in selenium
  13. How to write relative x-path?
  14. How to take screenshot?
  15. How to handle popups?
  16. Drag & drop of the elements
Module 4 - Frameworks
  1. What is framework?
  2. What is page factory?
  3. JUnit framework?
  4. Page Object Model
  5. Test NG framework
  6. How to execute test in multiple browsers?
  7. Data driven approach
  8. How to create maven project?
  9. Github
  10. Continuous Integration Testing with Jenkins
  11. Cucumber
Module 5 - SQL
  1. What is SQL?
  2. Different SQL queries used in backend testing
Module 6 – Defect tracking tools
  1. ALM
  2. JIRA
Module 7 – Web Services
  1. Introduction to Web Services
  2. What is Soap Service?
  3. What is Rest API?
  4. Introduction to Micro services
  5. How to test web services with SOAP UI?
  6. Introduction Postman?
  7. Rest assured java library
Module 8 – Performance Testing
  1. What is Performance Testing?
  2. How to do performance testing with JMeter?
  3. How to do performance tuning?
Module 9 – Assignments

All the assignments should have to be submitted timely.

Module 10 - Interview Preparation

After successfull Completion of Course and examination. We prepare candidate for Interview.

Special Interview Preparation Sessions

  • ASession No. 1 – Java
  • ASession No. 2 – Selenium
  • ASession No. 3 – Web Services
  • ASession No. 4 – Project description according to resumes
  • ASession No. 5 – Mock Interviews

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