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HP Load Runner is a leading tool that supports and empowers performance testing. Performance Testing is all about finding out how the applications are going to do at certain amount of data loads, concurrent users etc. and what kind of output can be expected in terms of network usage statistics, bottlenecks, potential stress point or break to the normal working.
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Course Outline

Module 1 – LoadRunner Basics
  1. LoadRunner Installation.
  2. What are the different types of testing in Performance Testing? Like Stress Testing, Load Testing, Volume testing etc.
  3. Planning an Effective Load Test
  4. How to write test plan includes what are the functionalities needs to test to improve the Performance of the application, etc.
  5. Introduction to Virtual User Generator. Types of protocols (HTML, Windows Socket, Java, SAP etc…), How to generate the scripts in VUGen (Record & Playback).
  6. What kind of options to select and why when you record the script in VUGen?
  7. What is Correlation and How to do?
  8. What is Parameterization? And how to parametrize the script?
  9. Think time.
  10. Rendezvous point
  11. After successfully developed the script in VUGen,
  12. How to schedule the scenario in Controller, with ramp up , ramp down etc..
  13. How to execute the scenario in Controller.
  14. After successfully executed the script analyze the results.
  15. How to generate the reports using analyzer tool.
  16. After generating the report, how to analyze the report.
Module 2- LoadRunner Installation
  1. Provides link and instruction to install LoadRunner
  2. Resolve issues in installation
Module 3 - LoadRunner Versions
  1. Difference between LoadRunner versions 
Module 4 - Performance High Level Plan
  1. Finding Non Functional Requirement
  2. Creating Performance Test/High Level Plan
  3. Volumetric
  4. Defining Scenarios, Script and data 
Module 5 - VuGen
  1. Introduction

    • Define VuGen
    • Identify the main components of the VuGen interface

    Recording for the Web

    • Create a VuGen script by recording user steps with VuGen in the web environment
    • Describe the basics of HTML and URL recording levels
    • Explain commonly used protocols with their functions


    • Identify and configure the appropriate web runtime setting for replay
    • Replay the script in VuGen to verify script functionality
    • Recognize the debugging tools available in VuGen
Module 6 – Transactions
  1. Explain the function of a transaction in a script
  2. Insert a transaction in a script during and after recording

Special Interview Preparation Sessions

  • ASession No. 1 – LOADRUNNER
  • ASession No. 2 – Project description according to resumes
  • ASession No. 3 – Mock Interviews
LOAD Runner


Frequently Asked Questions

What is LoadRunner ?

Recording for the Web, Replay, Transactions, Parameters, Auto Correlation After Recording, Verification, Actions, Introduction to Script View, Advanced Scripting Techniques, Manual Correlation, Auto Correlation During Recording, Introduction to Scenarios, Scenario Execution, Scheduling Scenarios, Performance Monitors, Results Analysis.


How this course teaches you to be a Performance Tester ?

Detailed topics on how to identify performance requirements for applications and devise tests around them Performance Test plan creation that will eventually be executed via LoadRunner Scripting and Test creation using HP LoadRunner . Comprehensive coverage on all HP LoadRunner related topics- simple to advanced.

What LIVE projects we will work on ?

Live Projects on different domains like Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Supply Chain Management, CRM, etc. Weekly mock interviews and group discussions held. Assistance in Resume and Interview preparation. Provide recorded videos and other related material of every session. Weekdays as well as weekend batched are available. Well qualified tutors are available. FREE Demo class is available to every new student.

What are the Prerequisites for this Course ?

Knowledge of the basic Loadrunner .High-level knowledge of the Web and or client/server environment

How the Training will be given ?

We offer a Live Training structure where students can ask questions then and there.

Is there any DEMO /Trial Classes ?

Yes you can have a DEMO/ Trial classes to attend for better understanding of the Course Content .

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